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About Us


About “Red Twinkle Star” Campaign

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“Red Twinkle Star” Campaign is an educational program that aims to cultivate children with good traits and virtue of goodness.


Through participating in various parent-child activities, trainings and community services, children can realize the importance of altruistic spirit and caring heart – the basic concept of humanitarianism.


By donating HK$240, a child can join this meaningful program as a member to have vast humanitarian learning opportunities for personal growth. Participant can support the humanitarian works of the Hong Kong Red Cross at the same time!

Theme of the year

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 “Humanity Heroes - Get Set, Go!”

Kids’ powers will be tremendously levelled-up through participating in various types of parent-child activities, volunteering and training. They will be better prepared for facing adversity and overcoming the challenges. Kids will also learn how to react swiftly during disasters and emergencies, develop positive attributes such as helping the needy in daily lives. Participants can practice the idea of humanity since a young age.


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“Project H – Engineering for Humanity” encourages children to develop the following good traits and virtue of goodness.


We encourage children taking action from “self-attributes”, then learn the “attitude” and act out the spirit of humanity. That is what the “Humanity Heroes” should be.


Self-attributes Attitudes Actions
Brave Value others
Protect life
Kindness Helpful Care
Honesty Peace-making Respect