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“Hok Yee only spent 2 to 3 hours to complete the painting and applied what she learned from the Campaign in her art piece. I will let Hok Yee and her brother to become “Red Twinkle Star” member, so that they can join these interesting and meaningful activities to learn more about humanity.”

Hok Yee (Aged 4) and mum

Participant of “Humanity Heroes Competition” 2019


“Just like the story we learned in “Humanitarian Book Sharing”, “humanity" means respecting and understanding people from different religions and races, helping each other, as well as embracing diversity. I want to instill these core values to Tsz-Mong.”

Tsz-Mong (Aged 6) and mum

Red Twinkle Star member

for 2 consecutive years

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”“Humanity” might be complicated to young child like Wai-lam, but I would like to sow the seed of humanity to him. He can understand easily when he grows up.”

Wai Lam (Aged 4) and mum

Red Twinkle Star member

for 2 consecutive years

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“Our children live in a wealthy environment. We want them to know what refugees are. We hope they can cherish what they have and care about others.”

Chung Hei (Aged 9), Tsz Ching (Aged 6)

Participant of “Humanitarian Story Book Sharing”

Participation years – 2014/15、2016/17、2017/18、2018/19 ; 2014/15、2016/17、2017/18、2018/19

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