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‘I used to participated in different types of voluntary works. I hope that Bella would join me to help those in need, so I registered Bella as RTS, and it’s also our parent-child activity. We attended almost all events last year, such as: Tell-a-thon Fundraiser, online flag day and all online workshops. Bella love reading and she could tell stories to my mother and I, as well as her spanish teacher during the Tell-a-thon Fundraiser. I'm usually quite busy with work, and through joining the RTS activities allow me to spend more time with my daughter, while let me have the chance to do voluntary work. We learned a lot from different RTS activities, and broaden our horizons during the covid-19. Bella told me, “Through the RTS activities, I’ve learned to help those in need. When I grow up, I hope to build houses for the homeless, so that everyone can have a safe place to live.” I was so touching.’

Bella (Aged 4) and her mum

Red Twinkle Star member

for 2 consecutive years 

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Vincent's older sister had first participated in RTS. She thought it was fun and had learned a lot through various activities. Vincent then followed her footstep to sign up as RTS with the support from their parents, to nurture his moral values and to be a litter humanity hero! Vincent learned about humanity through the storytelling competition last year, at the same time, he also learned some skills of storytelling, such as how to structure and present a story. Vincent's favorite workshop is the Scratch JR initial experience workshop. He learnt how to design simple animations through the application, which gave him sense of accomplishment.

Vincent (Aged 5) and his dad

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“I am a regular donor of Hong Kong Red Cross , I’m glad that Louisa can offer her support too starting from the young age. Through participating in RTS event, Louisa got the opportunity to learn and practice CPR. It's a great experience for her to know more about first aid!”

Louisa (Aged 4) and her mum

Red Twinkle Star member

for 2 consecutive years 


“Just like the story we learned in “Humanitarian Book Sharing”, “humanity" means respecting and understanding people from different religions and races, helping each other, as well as embracing diversity. I want to instill these core values to Tsz-Mong.”

Tsz-Mong (Aged 7) and mum

Red Twinkle Star member

for 4 consecutive years