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”“Humanity” might be complicated to young child like Wai-lam, but I would like to sow the seed of humanity to him. He can understand easily when he grows up.”

Wai-Lam (Aged 7) and mum

Red Twinkle Star member

for 4 consecutive years


“Hok Yee only spent 2 to 3 hours to complete the painting and applied what she learned from the Campaign in her art piece. I will let Hok Yee and her brother to become “Red Twinkle Star” member, so that they can join these interesting and meaningful activities to learn more about humanity.”

Hok-Yee (Aged 7) and mum

Participant of “Humanity Heroes Competition” 2019

“The children live in a happy environment and are rich in material. We all want them to know what refugees are. Hope they can cherish what they have and love others.”

Chung-Hei (Aged 11), Tsz-Ching (Aged 8)

Participant of “Humanitarian Story Book Sharing”

Participation years – 2014/15、2016/17、2017/18、2018/19 ; 2014/15、2016/17、2017/18、2018/19

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