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Welcome all Kindergartens in Hong Kong to be our "Partnering Schools" in promoting the Campaign to all teachers, students, and their parents. We hope to build a “love and care” environment for our future generations and sow the seed of humanity to the hearts of every child.


We will organize diversified learning activities for "Partnering school", such as visits to the Humanity Education Center, arrange workshops at school, etc. We have also included the "Moving Disaster Preparedness Education Truck " to school program, so that students can experience simulated "typhoon" and "fire alarm" situations in the truck and learn how to deal with disasters.



Role of school:
  • Assist in administrative works, such as propose the date of school talk/activity, arrange promotion of the Campaign and its registration



Role of Hong Kong Red Cross:
  • Arrange activity tutor(s), speaker(s) for school talk/activity
  • Arrange parent-child activities and volunteer services to members. Other membership supports, such as sending welcome pack to members



Awards for Partnering Schools
Type of Award Details
Top Recruitment School Award A kindergarten that successfully recruited the most numbers of student to join the Campaign
Extraordinary School Award Successfully recruited 200 or more students to participate
Excellence School Award Successfully recruited 100 or more students to participate
Outstanding School Award Successfully recruited 50 or more students to participate


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Enquiry on school partnership program: +852 2507 7527 or email to


Download for “Partnering School Proposal”

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